5 Tools To Manage Your Social Media Activity

In order to be successful on social media you need to be able to track your progress and pump out regular content.

To help get you on the right track we have put together a list of our 5 top tools to manage your social media activity. Each of these tools have various pro’s and con’s. They are all good in their own right so you should take a look at what each provides and choose the one that best suits you social media marketing strategy.


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that lets you create a feed of posts that are published on social media at predetermined times. Buffer has plans for both individuals and teams and also offers some amount of analytics so that you can see what posts are performing best for you and your business.


  • Individuals can benefit from using the free plan.
  • Businesses can select a plan that meets their needs – how many clients they have and how much content to schedule.
  • You can create a whole pipeline of content to be scheduled on social media so that you don’t need to login to multiple accounts each time.


  • Some users may find the free plan a little too limiting.
  • Paying for the business plan however and some teams may feel that the tool is a little “light on” features compared to their competitors
  • The analytics provided are fairly low level


Hootsuite is a robust application that allows for analytics, curation, scheduling, and the management of other social media tasks in one dashboard. There are two personal plans and three business plans including an enterprise plan.


  • The full dashboard allows for one to manage multiple accounts and respond to various users.
  • It also provides for features such as contests and team management if a team package is selected.
  • The business plans provide comprehensive data analytics and tools for decision makers to make informed business decisions.
  • In addition, the business plan and enterprise plan (custom solution) offer technical support.


  • The free personal plan is very limited and only manages up to 3 social profiles.
  • The professional personal profile costs $19 per month which is more expensive than some other competitors.


SproutSocial is a comprehensive platform that considers customer service management, social media management, social engagement, and team management. Compared to other solutions on the market this is a very comprehensive tool that allows you to manage multiple aspects of your social media marketing operations.


  • Can manage multiple platforms and fulfill multiple organisational needs for transparency and data analytics.
  • Because of the multidimensional aspect of the product offering, one can use the software among various teams with independent functions. This aspect means that multiple operational needs could be fulfilled simultaneously.


  • There prices are higher than some of the other software, with four plans available.
  • The minimum plan is US$59 per month and the first business plan starts at $99 per month.


Everypost is a social media management software that allows for publishing and scheduling posts for free. It is a great option for individuals or small businesses who are looking to automate some aspects of their social media activities.


  • A free individual plan allows users to start tracking some of their profiles.
  • The next plan for individuals is $9.99 and the most expensive team plan is $99.99 per month.


  • Overall, the software displays lower feature amounts for the prices that one pays. In particular, the free plan only allows one channel to be tracked compared to some other software that offer three. With that said, the specific market it caters for may be quite limited and not meet the needs of the user.



CoSchedule works effectively as a marketing calendar. In addition, the software places emphasis on workflow management to maintain the content flow and preserve efficiency. There are other features including the blog management, content management, and social media management. All of the features are marketing related and aim to fulfil the marketing calendar concept.


  • It covers the four key areas of marketing that one could use to grow their social and marketing presence.
  • There is some flexibility in terms of focusing on an area that is relevant to the user’s context. For example, the blogging module is specific for bloggers and can help them zone in on their content needs.


  • The plans start at $39 per month and are really geared more towards bloggers or solopreneurs.
  • There is no concept for individuals who may want to use social media for other more private purposes.

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