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8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers


Businesses always need new ways to market their products and services. In the past this would often take the form of paid advertising in newspapers and magazines.

And then along came the internet.

The internet gave rise to Pay Per Click advertising and Banner Images initially, but it was the emergence of social media that finally led to the rise of Influencer Marketing.

A social media influencer is someone who has a large and loyal following on social media and can use their fans interest in their life/lifestyle to successfully position brands and products to this audience.

Finding social media influencers can however be time consuming. That’s why we have seen an increase in the number of social media influencer platforms that aim to connect brands with the individuals behind the Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook profiles.

Here we breakdown the top 8 platforms to find social media influencers for your brand….

Social Media Influencer Platforms

The general concept of these platforms is that marketers and influencers can easily identify opportunities in a central location and don’t have to worry about manually reaching out to influencers of interest.

Most of the platforms provide a software that provides data analytic capabilities that make it easy for each party to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

Viral Nation

8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers - Viral Nation

An agency with the ability to provide influencing marketing through ad campaigns, monetization of blogs or Twitter accounts, and software if needed. Key highlights of Viral Nation include:

  • Based in New York and Toronto for reach in populated areas
  • Company has an “Influencer Talent Agency” that provides talented collaborators and others for achieving personal business goals.
  • The agencies 2nd level support means that more, high-level expertise can guide the marketer in terms of strategy and influence marketing development.
  • Requires a capital output to retain the talent and required services

Ninja Outreach

8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers Ninja Outreach

A multi-purpose platform with a key focus on SEO results. It the platform works with different social media platforms such as Twitter, youtube, and Instagram. However, the focus here is on SEO.

  • Business lead generation through targeted SEO
  • Key advantage to SEO driven influence is two fold. First advantage is driving that inbound traffic to the website. The second is that influencers can manage the SEO hit results and thus exposure through search engines.
  • Personalised influencers who know their niche and how to manage the improvement of SEO results.
  • Connecting with Twitter influences can open new markets for the business and ultimately a chance to network the brand well.
  • Potential to improve search results via the optimization of the SEO.


8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers HYPR

A database of influencers that a marketer or business can search depending on specific criteria.

  • Pinpointing specific influencers within the niche market means that the one can locate that influencer quickly
  • On the flip side, it is only an email or contact details so there is no expertise engaging the influencer for their buy-in.
  • Software cannot track the overall performance of the influencer or the performance of the marketing effort.


8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers Izea

A multiple platform influencer site that appeals to business and creators alike but for differing reasons. Key attributes of Izea include:

  • Creators who are trying to build their business have the opportunity design content
  • Creators need a following and a name in order to generate money from the website
  • Marketers can find creators that suits their specific needs and niche.
  • Publicly listed company so high reputation and social capital already built for the company. This can provide benefits when wishing to become a creator or searching for the quality influencers for the brand.


8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers - Refluence

One of the largest Instagram influencer platforms out there. It is primarily a software based solution aimed at building building the brand through Instagram.

  • Software provides four components including a CRM system and a content library.
  • Data analytics can be useful for analysis and deciding what the Instagram marketing strategy should be.
  • Specific strategy for improving the Instagram platform
  • Only relevant for Instagram. If the business does not wish to engage in Instagram, then the platform does not work.


8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers - Sociabuzz

This is another software based platform aimed at working across a variety of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

  • Analytics data which is useful for analysis and ROI
  • Carried across various platforms which may mean lack of pinpointing and concentration of the data. There is not sufficient way to analyze one particular platform in great detail.


8 Awesome Websites To Find Social Media Influencers - Group High

A platform that offers a software solution and opportunity to target bloggers. The dual nature of the platform means that companies can benefit form not only a successful blogger’s knowledge but also have the ability to track and gauge performance.

  • The Blogger outreach software provides fast, efficient methods to contacting a successful blog who specialises in a particular field.
  • A tool to create emails for pitching to the bloggers – saves time and standardized templates for more efficient operations.


Traacker Social Media Influencer Platform

Provides the marketer an opportunity to contact the influencer who can run the campaign and add their influence to the campaign for better results. The software aims to cascade down the influencer’s network

  • Wider net of influence available – software targets the influence of the influencer
  • Opportunity to track data analytics
  • Software that also manages the network of influencers being used for a campaign or that are being used generally to promote the brand.


The above social media influencer platforms each vary in terms of what can be delivered.  The most important thing for you as a brand or social media influencer looking to join a platform is to find the one that caters best to your industry, demographic and social media channel of choice.


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