How To Manage Your Content Marketing Strategy Effectively

When you are considering to market your business, you need to publish some content. Content is the information you put out there about your business, products, and perhaps the industry you operate in.

There are various forms of content like video, blog posts, social media posts, and even infographics.

It is important to effectively manage your content marketing activities, because the content should make a positive impact on your business. You should think about your content and ensure that it is relevant to our audience.

Let’s look at how we can manage effectively the content marketing process by covering all the steps.


During this phase, you are brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Part of coming up with ideas includes researching keywords that you can use. Because you are potentially coming up with so many ideas, you should save these ideas in a list.

The list should include the article heading, keywords, and brief outline of the article. You can create this list in an Excel spreadsheet for easy editing and adding of ideas.

It’s important that you consider all ideas that you may have and not leave any of them out, at least during this initial stage.

Prioritise Ideas

At this step, once you have all your ideas, then you should prioritise them. The priorities should be based on your budget (if you must hire copywriters), or timescale.

For example, if you need to publish certain content ideas at a specific date or at a specific time, then you should consider these with a different priority. You could either number the ideas, or you could mark the highest priorities in red.

Bottom line is that you should find a way that works best for you to help you publish on time and correctly.

Assign Work

Time to make a decision about who is doing the work. If you have a content marketing team, then they are the team who should help you with publishing and realising the work. If not, then you need to outsource it.

In either scenario, you should manage this process by determining timelines and success criteria. Because some content may also be time sensitive, it is important to ensure the quality is highest and that you can manage the publishing within prescribed time limits.

You should also consider the budget allocated to any outsourcing company, because you want to make sure that you are getting a high return for your money. If not, then you need to consider some further steps to remediate the lacking quality/on-time delivery of the content pieces.

Schedule Posts For publishing

One of the keys that you need to remember with content is that content publishing should occur frequently and regularly. You need to get into a rhythm that works best for your audience and organisation. It may be there are certain times that content has the most engagement or possibility thereof, so you need to ensure that content is published during that time.

If you can regularly post the content during these times, then it will increase your user engagement, and provide results for your marketing effort. Naturally, there are other success factors involved, but this is one of the more important ones.


Once the piece has been posted, then you need to think about following up with it. In other words, you need to consider promoting the piece. A promotion could include informing our newsletter subscribers, or posting a tweet on Twitter, or another type of alert on other social media platforms.

Your followers should know about the content and have a way to get to it. If you believe it’s a centrepiece, then you may consider paying to promote the piece to attract more people to read or view the content. You would need to make that decision based upon the strength of the piece and what contribution it has to your strategy.

On the other hand, if you have posted a strong thought leadership piece, then you should consider doing more SEO related work for it. You could try to get some backlinks, so that will drive traffic to your site. You could also try and collaborate with others to have a mutual review of the posts, and again work towards somehow linking your post.

Performance Review

An area that we sometimes don’t think about is the individual content piece performance. You can determine the performance based on the engagement analytics such as the clicks, views, and shares.

These metrics can show that your audience really engaged or they ignored it and felt completely disengaged. It provides you an opportunity to also continuously improve and refine what you are doing in order to improve your metrics. You should follow these metrics consistently to determine whether or not your pieces are engaging your audience better. However, you can also look at the performance based on hits and inbound traffic coming to your website.

Your inbound traffic hits are a function of how well your content performs, so if you notice an increase in inbound traffic, then you can attribute it to the content. Take note that other factors contribute to increase in inbound traffic such as event, but that may only be an isolated spike rather over the long-term the content metrics can tell you how you are doing.


Managing content marketing is truly a skill and a something that you need to manage effectively.

It is not a simple process of writing down the ideas and you have an article. Either you are managing the content creation yourself, outsourcing it, or providing it to a team. If you are having some other party do the content, then you need to ensure the process works well and quality is maintained.

After the content has been created and is posted, then it should be promoted to subscribers or followers. You can review how your piece did based on engagement metrics. You should monitor these engagement metrics consistently over a long period of time to determine whether your content is improving in engagement or not.

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