How The Recent Facebook Algorithm Update Can Affect Your Business

Facebook has recently made some changes to its news feed algorithm. They have installed an update which changes the order of posts in your news feed. The new algorithm gives first priority to any posts made by family or friends and reduces emphasis on brand posts that have only a few comments.

Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement on Thursday, 11 January 2018. This was only a week after he pledged that in 2018, Facebook was going to make sure that time spent on the social network would be time well invested. He pledged to give first priority to social interaction over any relevant content meaning that business pages will now have a shorter organic reach.

First Priority to Friends/Family

In his announcement, Mark indicated that in the recent past, the material in the News Feed has changed from helping people to make connections with each other to business and brand promotion. The new Facebook algorithm update will change this state of matters. Users will now see posts by their family and friends much more often than business posts.

His objective is that Facebook becomes a place which promotes the well-being of its users. This means that if you have a business page on the social network, you are going to see decreased reach of your posts because they are now of lower priority. For some businesses this may even mean that Facebook is not longer a worthwhile channel
for organic content.

Brands Need Comments/Engagement

In your brand, it is very important to maintain focus on the quality of Facebook posts more than their quantity. By focusing on quality, whenever people see your business posts, they will be captivated. The posts will prompt them to click on your website link or react hence giving your business some much needed attention.

Brands should get out of the habit of simply sharing links. This is a very direct form of promotion that lacks connective value. They should begin to find other ways of engaging with their audiences.

Applying the principles of content marketing to your Facebook posts can create conversations with those who see them. These conversations take the form of comments and can even bring in other people who had not seen the post. This is accomplished through tagging.

Therefore, if you want your business posts to reach people, get your current followers commenting on them. It is the only strategy of business promotion that will work with the new update already in place.

Organic Reach Drop Means Paying For Reach

How To Run A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign - Lessons From A Startup FounderDue to the changes made in the Facebook algorithm, businesses will experience reduced reach in the News Feeds of their followers. This is an indicator that they will eventually have to pay so as to get any sort of reach.

As a result of the update, Facebook users will now be able to see two types of News Feeds. These are the regular News Feed and the Explore Feed. The latter will be labeled with a rocket icon in the Facebook app.

The regular News Feed will be visible by default. To view the Explore Feed, users will have to view by clicking on the rocket icon.

Posts made by family and friends will populate the News Feed extensively. However, users will still be able to see a few business promotion posts. Furthermore, the update has already made it no longer necessary for businesses to pay for Facebook Likes. That’s because most people will not observe their content anyway.


The recent update to the News Feed by Facebook has surprised businesses across the world. Relying on organic sharing will no longer be enough in terms of brand promotion on the social network. Mark said that the move was in response to the posting of fake news and political propaganda in the platform.

Thanks to the Facebook algorithm update, users can see posts by friends and family much more than business-related content. While this improves the quality of their experience, it means that businesses will have to work a lot harder so as to capture the attention of Facebook users.

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