Snap chats New Photo Feature & Why Teen’s Will Love It

To celebrate its sixth birthday snapchat has introduced a new feature called “sky filters”. It uses a technology which detects when the sky is present in the background and it will then help you to change the background of your picture. Some of the filters which have now been introduced in this new feature are stormy clouds, stunning sunset and a starry night.

We believe teens will love to use the new feature introduced by snap chat because a sky filter option will automatically appear in your filter’s carousel when a sky is detected by the app.

This will allow to say farewell to the old clichéd photos of skies without clouds and sunsets. With this new feature of snapchat one can easily add a rainbow, a stunning sunset or make it a starry night. It is yet another example of how innovative ideas snapchat is bringing to its customers to upgrade and enhance your lifestyle.

This new feature is offered by snapchat to the IOS and android users from the 25th September. In the 3D world lenses you need to tap the screen if you want to activate the filters but this feature is completely different as the filters pop up automatically if a sky is detected in the background.

This feature is one of the 25 new features introduced by snapchat this year. It clearly shows how much snapchat likes its customers to be satisfied while using their services. While specifically talking about teens who are a major part of the snap chat customers, they will love to use the new feature because of its uniqueness. A generic looking picture can be completely changed and transformed to the best.

If anyone wants to use the filters then they should take a picture with a sky visible in the background and then swipe left to watch the transformation of sky. The main aim of this technology is to completely transform a generic looking sky into a custom beautiful canvas.

We expect adoption amongst teens to be high given snapchat is a native platform for them the question we have to ask as marketers is how we can leverage this in our own campaigns? Or how we expect this could be monetized by snapchat in the future.

I don’t believe it is out of the questions to offer “branded” sky filters at events in the near future. For example taking a photo in a specific location or at a specific event and a special filter may be sponsored.

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