Why Is Social Media Marketing Important

Social media marketing is using social media platforms to promote a product or service. Social media marketing (SMM) is important, because it provides the user with the possibility to reach many potential customers.

Overview of Social Platforms

There are various social platforms that a business can use to market its product and services:


A social platform started up by a Harvard student who dropped out to pursue an entrepreneurial career. The platform permits a user to post create pages, their own profile page, and advert campaigns. A user can post various media forms such as pictures and videos including from other websites. The platform allows others to share a post with their friends and to react to that post. Anyone can post comments to the post.


A platform that provides an opportunity to share pictures. These pictures capture life’s moments. A user can promote their product or other business activities by posting pictures.

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A social platform that uses the concept of instant messages called “Tweets.” The messages can contain a maximum of 140 characters. A user can post pictures and videos in tweets with the possibility to embed the video or picture in the tweet. The platform allows users to share a tweet with their followers by “retweeting” the tweet. They can also express an interest by liking the tweet.


A video platform where a user can post and share videos.


A mobile social application that allows for instant messaging and multimedia messaging. The user can send pictures to and from others using the app. It is an android based app.

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A platform that allows one to share stories. There are various areas of interests that users can read or write about. The platform allows users to follow specific tags that indicate their areas of interest.


A professional social platform that allows professionals to network and share their best practices. It is also a tool where business can find potential prospects or employees.


A social media platform that allows other to ask questions and answers. It provides one to share expert knowledge on topics.

Benefits and Importance of Social Media Marketing

The following section explains the benefits and importance of social media marketing.

Increase Brand Awareness and Credibility

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important brand awareness

When the business promotes its products and services on a social media platform, the platforms helps to create brand awareness. Social media platform users become aware of the brand and have an opportunity to provide positive reinforcement. They can provide this positive reinforcement through sharing of the content associated with the brand to their followers.

In turn, this sharing creates brand identity and credibility for the brand. An individual or a company can opt for verification on some platforms. This verification means the platform verifies who they are and their importance is significant.

Generate Inbound Visitors

By creating and promoting a product or service, the business has an opportunity to route followers to their website or shop. This opportunity generates inbound traffic that can find out more and become a potential prospect. Each social media platform generates different volumes of inbound traffic. In addition, one can specify the type of visitor that they are targeting through content available on various platforms.

Furthermore, social media allows a user to use different content to target different segments of an audience. Such flexibility means that different approaches and styles can improve the audience target range. In other words, there is a broader audience, since multiple approaches can target multiple segments.

Use Re-marketing Pixels To Better Engage Customers who have already expressed an interest

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important remarketing pixel

If someone already is logged into Facebook and visit your website, Facebook recognises who they are. You can create an ad in Facebook and let it target that specific audience. This targeted Facebook ad is more precise than a general Facebook advert campaign.

Improve Search Engine Ranks

With the increase in inbound traffic and use of social media, more and more users will conduct searches on Google, Bing, and other engines. There are specific keywords that can assist in improving the search engine results. The improvement of search engine ranks generates increased publicity and further growth opportunities.

Improve customer service

The opportunity to react instantly to a customer’s query or a potential customer’s query improves the customer experience. This improved experience leads to further satisfaction and customer referrals. The customer referrals lead to increased potential revenue. All the transactions between customers and owner happen in real time meaning the feedback loops closes quickly.

Build/Act as a Thought Leader

An increase in following and building credibility turns the account holder into a thought leader. Thought leadership leads to prominence in an industry and authenticity. Thought leadership provides credibility, brand affinity, and brand strength. Thought leadership can provide similar benefits for an individual who builds their personal brand.

Social is largely mobile based so you can engage better with this audience

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important get mobile

Most social media platforms have mobile apps. With the mobile app installed, you can contact them anywhere in the world. It provides you the opportunity to talk to them whenever and wherever you are. Finally, one can share moments instantly with their followers. These moments can include success stories, pictures, or sharing other media.

Social media is everywhere around us. It provides us an opportunity to engage an audience virtually worldwide at any time. Social media users create referrals by sharing content with their followers. Through this sharing, the content has more exposure by more followers. This can drive further inbound traffic. Social media allows for improved customer service and streamlined communication.

Finally, as the following increases, it can lead to thought leadership. The thought leadership creates stronger brand identity, brand power, and brand image.

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