Social Media Overview


We have put together this brief guide to cover some of the most popular social networks that currently exist. As leaders in social media marketing we have found the most important thing to ensure the success of your campaign is to choose the correct platform for your message.

If you are trying to reach professionals Linkedin is often best, if you want creative types Pinterest might be the preferred option, and if you need mass distribution then you can’t go past Facebook.


Facebook is the ultimate social network.

Unlike other social networks which are used for specific purposes, Facebook is a one-stop for every form of online sharing there could be; be it written content, images and photographs, videos, or web links. You add “friends” here which allows you to “like” or comment on their post. All these things can be shared publicly as well as to a specific account. It also allows you to send a personal message, have voice calls and video calls.

Another major component is Facebook Pages, which acts as a commercial platform for almost anything. Since Facebook is providing almost everything there is for a social network, it is no surprise that it has over 2 billion monthly active users, and 1 billion daily active users.


Instagram is a social  app which allows its users to upload highly filtered images and photographs. Like Facebook, you also get the option to “like” a photograph. Here, you add somebody to your account by “following” them, that way, you have access to every picture they upload. Personal text messages can also be sent via Instagram.

Instagram’s prime feature is its filter options; each filter option gives any regular photograph a highly dramatic feel. It has almost 400 million active users.


Social Media Overview - Snapchat

Snapchat is another multimedia application founded in 2011. Although its primary idea was to be able to send selfies and images for very short periods and then self-deleting mechanism, Snapchat has come a long way since then.

It now allows its users the ability to video chat, send texts, created short videos, and “live stories”. The idea and the prime reason of its success is hardly the social connection, but rather the rawness and fun part of it. Snapchat is used to share random pictures with crazy filters and “stickers”.

As per a survey in June 2017, an average of 3 billion snaps is uploaded every day on this app.


Social Media Overview - Twitter

Twitter is more than just a regular social network platform where you “like” stuff and stay connected to your friends and acquaintances. It is a platform where ideas are discussed, debates are taken place, and you get a chance to give your opinions.

It is technically a micro-blogging site where you can write anything, known as “tweets” with a limitation of 140 characters. One thing that really took up Twitter was the invention of “hashtag”. A hashtag allows multiple users to discuss and find things that have been posted on a topic.


Social media overview - Linkedin

LinkedIn is not just your typical social networking site, this website or app is used primarily for business. It is a professional networking platform for professionals Both employees and employers can make an account where both can add what they are looking for. Job seekers can also add their educational and professional qualifications along with a CV.

In addition to finding staff or a new job, its a great way of keeping in touch with colleagues from your past company or college.


Social Media overview - Mediumjpg

Medium is primarily a blog platform, slash media company. It was created by Evan Williams, who is also the founder of Twitter.

Like Instagram or Twiter, you follow people you want to follow, and you will get their regular uploads in your home page. These uploads are blogs, some unique written content on almost everything, be it science, politics, creativity, reading, popular media etc. It is an outstanding platform for young or amateur writers looking for a heavy readership.

Another interesting and useful feature is that it has its own publications through which your articles are distributed to different newspaper and magazines. Cuepoint is a famous Medium online music magazine where many blogs from music bloggers on Medium are published.


Social Media Overview - Youtube

In context with YouTube’s former slogan “Broadcast Yourself”, it is a website which allows you to publish videos which is visible to all. It is basically a video sharing website developed in 2005. In the beginning, it was mostly about music videos and small clips and highlights.

It was a few years later when YouTube became an independent platform from filmmakers and content developers giving the website a whole new meaning. With the website’s popularity, many people started publishing content of their own which varied from comedy to education to popular media etc.

Now officially known as YouTubers, these people upload random content and have a huge fan following of their own through YouTube. It allows YouTubers to earn money. It has basically become a huge business and marketing platform now. A user can subscribe to a particular YouTube account for regular updates on their videos.


Social Media Overview - Pinterest

Pinterest is not really a social networking website, but rather a platform where creative ideas can be shared and catalogued. The reason why Pinterest attracts millions of visitors every month is the app letting you have many uses and you can find, collect and even share depending on what you need and looking for.

Pinterest already has a category waiting for you, all there is, a need to pin and share. It is a tool that lets you bookmark visually, letting you discover and save creative ideas. The best part is that you can access the boards of friends and other people who share similar interests and tastes.

Many websites on the internet have the Pinterest “P” icon making it easier for you to pin their photos to your boards. It is a huge hub of art and craft and crazy creativity.