What Does Successful Email Marketing Look Like?

Why is it that some most email marketing campaigns fail to achieve the results they were intended to produce? Or to put it another way – What can be done to give any email marketing campaign the best possible chance of succeeding? 

One of the most serious problems that email marketing faces, and I believe this to be the reason that many campaigns fail is the anonymity of email. Prospective customers simply do not know the marketeer, and there is a natural resistance to buying anything from someone they don’t know, and therefore have no reason to trust. 

I believe that there are four elements that should each form a part of any successful email marketing campaign: 

  • Promote awareness and interest in the product
  • Encourage trust from prospective customers
  • Prove the claims you are making for your product
  • Offer customers a sample, or trial of part or all of the product.

Promote awareness and interest in the product

It is at this point that many email marketing campaigns go wrong. People need to know about your product if there is any chance of them buying it from you, but for that to happen they are going to need to open your email, and read past more than the first couple of lines.

People are notgoing to do that if your email does not grab their attention. Make sure right from the start that you focus on the benefits your reader can get from using your product. You may be fascinated by the technical functions of your product, but your readers need to know how it is going to make their life happier, simpler, or easier. 

Encourage trust from prospective customers 

If your readers do not trust you, they will never be prepared to become your customers. This can be a major problem for Internet marketeers who rely on impersonal communication methods like email to sell their products.

The best way to deal with this problem is by building a relationship with your readers. Encourage them to communicate with you, and be personal in your emails. Do not be afraid to be yourself, and to display your personality in your emails. Obviously you cannot do this in just one email, it is going to take time for this approach to work, but over time your readers will get to know you and start to trust you, and therefore they will learn to trust what you say about your products as well. 

Prove the claims you are making for your product

People are not going to buy from you unless they trust you, and believe that your product really does everything that you claim it does.

The best way you can demonstrate that your claims for your products are true is to provide testimonials from satisfied customers. If you are just starting out in internet marketing and don’t yet have any satisfied customers then it is a great investment to send out some samples of your product to several people and ask for a review or testimonial in exchange. The business this will bring in should be considerably more than the value of the product you gave away. 

Offer customers a sample, or trial of part or all of the product

Everyone loves getting something for free. By offering a free trial or sample of your product you an’t lose. It will build the confidence of your readers, and by showing them the value of your product and what it can do for them you will gain many more buyers than you would if you simply told them how good the product is. Now they can see the benefit for themselves. 

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